Ashley Nee

Oklahoma City Training Camp

Olympic Trials Training from Ashley Nee on Vimeo.

Flying into Oklahoma to come to a brand new whitewater facility was really exciting but it came with its fair share of challenges. The course is put right in downtown Oklahoma City a walk away from the ballpark. It is also a part of the Oklahoma Boathouse District which is this incredible set of facilities for sprint kayaking, rowing, and whitewater kayaking that are really geared toward high performance. The thing that makes OKC different is how they have integrated the public into that sports culture, anyone can use the gym, anyone can go rowing or kayaking, and anyone can get on the whitewater at a really affordable rate. 

While we were training the course was finished but the rest of the area was a construction zone. The course operator David Hepp was working really hard to get the water level dialled in to have the best race possible. He did a really good job. The final race level was at 5 pumps. Also, a huge thank you to the Hepp's for sheltering me from the epic Oklahoma tornado-esque experience of 2016, we even had pie!

It was actually really cool to see the course come together in its final phases. I saw the ribbon cutting and met Mayor Cornett. I have to say it was really nice when the coaches arrived for the last week of training before the race. I am too short to reach to adjust the gates from the bank! 

But, I am feeling good, feeling strong. I have really enjoyed getting to learn brand new whitewater :)

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