Ashley Nee

Birthday :)

Okay, that was such a sick birthday. I got to paddle on one of the best whitewater courses in the world and had some pretty sweet moves. After a super focused session, I got to surf a wave with Luuka Jones and Cameron Smedley, high fives and hugs on the wave :) Had such a wonderful french picnic with team Canada and my favoritest Cook Islander friends. Got a good nap in and had a wonderful steak dinner with some of the boys I have grown up with Richard PowellCasey Eichfeld and cousin Devin McEwan. So many messages from friends and I got to chat with my family too. 26 was really good to me, I got to marry the love of my life J. Ashley McEwan and together we achieved some pretty big goals of ours. Thanks everybody for making this past year so amazing. Being surrounded by love is such a gift! Oh and there were two double rainbows!

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