Ashley Nee

Rollercoaster rapid on the Wairoa. The Wairoa extreme race is full on! πŸ“· Bradley Lauder

When in NZL... Waka! Boat testing for 2019! The Steeze from Waka kayaks is an innovative design including a removable pod on the stern. One boat that can have a low volume or high volume stern! Although my favorite aspect is the hull! So fast and agile even though I'm on the lower end of the weight range. Definitely a boat to give a go. I'm excited to test out the Tutea today! So far this trip is awesome! . . . #Steeze #WakaKayaks #NewDesign #CallevasLiquidAdventures #KaitunaKayaks #ThanksKennyMutton #NewZeland #Terawera

Overnighter on the Barranca Grande! The Grand Canyon of Mexico! πŸ’Ž

United States Olympic Team

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❌Slalom today is cancelled!! ❌ So sorry everybody! A snowstorm in Chicago kept us here overnight! I hope you all still get out on the water! #snowday @ca_laks

Family long boat surf sesh 🌊 Cave Wave 🌊